timau river lodge

Timau River Lodge


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Timau river lodge.


The lodge is built of Cider logs based on Canadian type of construction and is only 1km from Nanyuki-Samburu road and is surrounded by 800 acres of cider forest.

Timau is situated right in the middle of Northern and Laikipia plains.

   Going to:      -Mt Kenya Sirimon route gate is 9 km.

                       -Sweet water (Ol pajeta) 44 km.

                       -Meru game park 130 km.

                       -Lewa downs conservancy 20km.

                       -Solio ranch famous for Rhino's 70 km.

For fishermen lake Alise on Mt Kenya which is known to have the largest rainbow trout in the country. One could also visit virgin mountain forest on Siromon route or Meru forest which holds the largest Meru Oak tree known.

Also one could visit historical sites like the Mau mau caves that were used by fredom fighters of Kenya that are only 4km from the lodge.